My name is Sally.

If you look "Sally" up in the baby name books, it is supposed to mean "princess" .... which I'm not. It's also supposed to be "short" for Sarah.   My name is Not Short For Anything.  My father wanted all his children to be called what they were named.  So there.  Once, somewhere, I saw the definition "Laughing Queen" for Sally.  I said, "that's me!"

I have no middle name.  My mother said by the time they had me, their 5th child, they ran out of  'em.  I don't think so; my father didn't have a middle name either.

I have 3 beautiful children, 2 by birth, and one by marriage.  I have 8 grandchildren, most of whom live right here in Omaha.  The one that lives elsewhere visits me about 2 times a year, and we have a fun time!

I've been married for 14 years to the very manly Spouse.  He pretty much worships the ground I walk on, as he should.

I have decided, now that I am in my 60th year, to spend as much time as possible experiencing joy and laughter.

I have an MBA and I work as an Artist  and as a cashier at a big box store. The cashiering job is the most fun job I've ever had.  My business, Wislanscraft, is very satisfying.  However, I have a basement full of stuff.  Please visit my etsy store and buy something from me!

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