Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegetables and herbs

June!  This year I decided to try planting eggplant from seed.  I didn't think they "took", so naturally I went off to the nursery for some seedlings... And... You guessed it, I now haveagazillion little eggplant seedlings coming up.  guess I'll be making lots of babaganoush this summer!

I just purchased an herb scissors set.  The manly spouse and I went to a nursery to buy mulch and I got trapped in the gift shop...~sigh~.  I learned that my extremely robust chive patch needs to be thinned.  I also learned that the chive flowers are edible (who knew?!). There seems to be some controversy over whether to cut the flowers or not...  See "The Garden Web":

While the maker of my cool new scissors, Secrets du Potager, indicates in their literature that chives " must not be allowed to flower so as to preserve their flavour." Now that I've thinned and headed all the chives I want to try the flowers in salad.  Again I say, ~sigh~

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  1. I would love some eggplant seedlings! :) Also, how did you get the labels to let you list multiple labels on your post?